Track, measure & manage in real-time

The ability to track, measure and manage activity and spending is critical to multi-site facilities management. But without useable comparative data and analytics, that is not easy to achieve. Having a lack of actionable information leads to anecdotal decision making, making strategic management of your facilities maintenance budget difficult.

A web-based portal on which to base critical decisions

The MyFSN portal gives you unmatched control and visibility into the maintenance and repair history of each of your sites. MyFSN lets you view every action taken by field technicians and your First Service Networks’ service center team and provides a fully documented history of every action. MyFSN provides data to make intelligent decisions, including:

  • Committed arrival time, time-in and time-out
  • Parts tracking
  • Site manager’s satisfaction on each call
  • History of each unique asset, including inventory and cost

Use data to drive your decision making with First Service Networks