The Strategic Thinking of Fusion

The innovative thinking behind Fusion is based upon recognizing the challenges multi-site facilities organizations face when it comes to their vendors.  Due to limited resources your facilities teams are forced to rely upon local vendors who demonstrate the greatest level of dependability.  They may truly believe they are working with the lowest cost option in a market, but without viable competition you keep using the same labor resources year-over-year.

To remove this dependence on local vendors, Fusion invests in the transfer of knowledge away from these local vendors into a central service center that can effectively deliver service using any multitude of vendor options by guiding and overseeing all work that is needed.  With this knowledge transferred, Fusion invests in a full-time field-based sourcing team to expand your vendor alternatives.  With greater choice and an infrastructure to oversee service delivery, your organization benefits from true competition where existing vendors and new vendors work seamlessly together in delivering services to your organization.

To ensure your organization embraces the power of this knowledge transfer, Fusion invests in capturing data about the service and financial details on every service call.  This data is transformed into new metrics that are used by your service center to continuously improve your program and provide greater insight with new analytics.