Your path to success with
First Service Networks

A proven multi-site facilities partner, First Services Networks’ Fusion™  approach delivers superior service by building trust throughout your entire organizations, including your field operators. Through its years of experience implementing successful maintenance and repair programs in large, multi-site organizations, experts at First Service Networks have created a phased, clear path to success. The end result is adoption of our cost-saving Fusion methodologies throughout your organization, ensuring you achieve at least a 10% savings.

The five stages of Fusion™ implementation are:

Define key metrics as a baseline

Adapt Fusion™ to meet your organization’s needs

Develop and negotiating additional labor resources

Sensitize our team to your organizational culture

Execute a program to save you at least 10% of your maintenance and repair costs

Connect with First Service Networks today and put Fusion™ to work for you. Start saving at least 10% on your maintenance and repair costs today.